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Research Profile:

Google Scholar,  Researchgate,  Scopus,  Orchid,  Semantic Scholar


Github, Pypi



ML Engineer at Hishab LTD, Saarland, Germany & Dhaka, Bangladesh(April – Present):
Hishab Ltd is an artificial intelligence-based company that is powered by Germany, Singapore, Bangladesh, and Japan. I have been working here as a machine learning engineer and research scientist. Basically, my focus on NLP, machine learning, deep learning, and statistical learning. Several models are created from this platform such as the model for MSME Parser, Business Information Extraction, Bangla Spelling & Similarity Checker, etc.

AI Engineer at NKSoft Corporation, Dallas, Texas, USA (December 2019- March 2020):
NKSoft is an ERP & business corporation based in the USA. I worked here for about 4 months & successfully completed 2 projects on Business Intelligence (BI) using machine learning and deep learning.  The first one is customer behavior analysis and suggestion on a best inventory of a shop based on customer, weather, and other factors. Besides, successfully implemented the Google Bangla speech recognition system on the odoo business platform.

NLP & ML Researcher at Global Emerging Technology Network, Dhaka, Bangladesh (Sept. 2018-Oct. 2019):
Global Emerging Technology Network is a non-profitable research-based platform. The main highlighted trends are Big data, Data Science, Robotics Cloud-to-edge computing, IoT & IOE, AI & cognitive technologies [Machine learning, Deep learning, Neural Network], AR, VR, Hybrid wireless technologies I worked here more than one year & did six kinds of research collaborating with others member & implement lots of new ideas.

3 years of research experience in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, NLP, Mathematics, and Statistics (2018-Present):

3 years of experience in Competitive Programming and Problems Solving(2015-2018):
I participated in several online & offline programming contests held at various universities and institutions of Bangladesh and solved about 2 thousand problems in UVa, Codeforces, Leetcode, HackerRank, Spoj, Topcoder, etc.


Technological Skills

• Programming Language: Python, C, C++, Matlab, PHP, Javascript, Fortran, Mathematica.
• ML & Deep Learning Library: Tensorflow, Keras, Sklearn, NLTK, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, OpenCV, Rasa, Pytorch.
• GUI: Tkinter
• Database Management Systems: MySQL, Postgresql
• Web Development: HTML, CSS, WordPress.
• Business Software Development: odoo ERP.
• Paper Writing: Latex.
• IDE: Spyder, Colab, Jupyter Notebook, Code Blocks, Dev-C++, PyCharm